Grand Baoji Palace and Glazed Hall

The Grand Baoji Palace and Glazed Hall is an ancient historical temple, located in the east Baisha Street, more than 10 km north of the old Lijing city, Yunnan province, China. The two buildings faced each other in a distance of nearly 7 metres. The Grand Baoji Palace is a Tibetan Mizong temple while Glazed Hall is a hall of Chan Buddhism. Built in the late years of the Ming dynasty, the Grand Baoji Palace is a thick-eave gabled building with steep house ridge and elegant structure. The rectangular palace has three rooms on each side. Twelve murals in the palace are considered the best works of the art of Lijiang murals. The contents of the paintings are various and complex, and they are the artistic reflection of different religions and cultures. The Glazed Hall was built between the reigns of the Hongwu Emperor and Yongle Emperor in the Ming dynasty. Facing the east, the rectangular Hall has three entrance gates and three main rooms. 21 murals in the main hall, painted during the reign of the Hongwu Emperor, are the earliest works of the ancient Lijiang murals.

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